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How did you think of the idea for Hat & Hair™ in the first place?
Well, I had a regular hat business at the time, but there was this one woman in particular who first inspired me. She was an elegant woman who had just gone through treatment for breast cancer. She told me that wearing a wig and a hat at the same time was just plain torture, and could I "think of something"? That's when the light bulb went on, so to speak, and I began thinking of how I could combine the hat and wig industry. But on a personal note, I have to say I was very moved by her surviving cancer because I had just lost my mother to pancreatic cancer the year before. Needless to say, I felt very motivated to help her and any woman suffering with hair loss.
Is your product Hat & Hair™ just for cancer patients?
Oh no, not at all. I sell to as many women with hair as without hair. Hat & Hair™ is a fun fashion item as well. And, let's face it, we all have bad hair days! But in addition to cancer patients, there are other customers who suffer from hair loss as well. In the United States alone there are over 4 million men, women and children who suffer from an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata. For these customers, they may live with hair loss for years, decades- even a lifetime. For them, Hat & Hair™ is a welcome alternative to wearing wigs day in and day out.
Is the hair of Hat & Hair™ sewn into the hats?
Wonderfully no! The hairpieces are detachable, washable, and interchangeable with other hats in the Hat & Hair™ line.
Is the hair real human hair?
No, these hairpieces are made of the finest synthetic fibers available. In introducing my product I chose synthetic for two main reasons: 1.) Synthetic is more affordable than real human hair and I wanted to debut my product at the most affordable prices possible, 2.) synthetic is easier to take care of. When you wash human hair, you must re-set it every time. With synthetic hair you basically "wash and wear".
I see you have a patent on your product. What is different about Hat & Hair™ that you were
able to get a patent?
Good question! Because in order to be granted a patent your invention truly has to be different; those are the rules of the US Patent Office! The patented design differences in my product relate specifically to the level of comfort. I like to think of it as having been granted a patent on comfort. I have incorporated an elastic/Velcro combination in both the hairpiece as well as the sweatband. They both stretch- they both have a "give and take" ability to them that makes wearing Hat & Hair™ a much more comfortable experience.
Is Hat & Hair™ just for women? You mentioned children earlier.
Yes, my product does fit children as well- I would say about 6 years old and up at this point. I will be designing for younger children's sizes in the future. However, it all depends on the size of the child's head. Some children have head sizes equal to adults and visa-versa. The best thing to do is try the product on and see how it looks and fits.
I notice that your hats are really "normal" looking, whereas some cancer patient's hats and
turbans look very conspicuous. Do you do this on purpose?
Yes, I know the look you are talking about; they're what my customers call "Cancer Patient Uniform Wear". You do wonder if the woman or child under the hat, scarf or turban is suffering hair loss. Please understand me, I AM NOT going to "turban bash" here. Turbans and scarves have a necessary and comfortable place in this world! But as a hat maker, it's a look that I am purposefully not going for. 

I designed this line to be as mainstream as possible because my customer is already feeling conspicuous enough just dealing with her hair loss and doesn't want to stand out for all the wrong reasons. With Hat & Hair™, the designs are contemporary without being trendy, and the hairpieces are lightweight enough so that they don't look like wigs underneath. Also, the hats can be worn with or without the hairpieces - they are that mainstream and comfortable!
What exactly makes Hat & Hair™ more comfortable than just a wig?
Well, let's think about that for a minute. What makes a wig uncomfortable in the first place? Generally it's because it clings to your head and itches. In my design I have removed the crown of the wig and the hairpiece attaches to the sweatband of the hat; nothing is itching or clinging to your head. The entire crown of your head is now able to breathe under the hat. It's the ultimate in hot, humid weather!
I do notice how real these hairpieces look! How are you able to achieve this?
Thank You! Yes, I think they do too. Do you know what makes a wig look- what I call- wigular? Two things: The crown where the hair is parted, and the over abundance of hair. With Hat & Hair™, you have neither of these factors.
What do you hope Hat & Hair™ can do for your customer?
Ultimately, I want to improve the quality of life for my customers who are suffering from hair loss. I saw a need for an alternative product that would give women and children a greater sense of freedom, anonymity, and comfort. And I believe if we can feel better about our appearance, this will translate to every molecule of our being and help in the healing process. This "wellness" will then help improve the quality of our lives. This is my hope.
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