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Dear Customers & Friends,

You all have such unique and inspirational stories to tell. You are why I’ve created Hat & Hair, and your personal experiences are why I’ve created this page.

This is a kind of “community bulletin board” for your stories to help inspire others! So, if you’d like, write to me...tell me a little something about yourself and your experience with Hat & Hair. We ALL thank you for sharing.

Sincerely, Robin Spurs
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Customer's Comments .

Hi Robin,

I ordered the Jody hair piece  a few weeks ago and just started to wear it.  I LOVE IT!!  Here is a picture of me with it.  So many people think it's my real hair.  It even fooled the therapist who runs the Breast Cancer Support Group that I go to (she asked me if I started to lose my hair yet, and I told her, "it's gone already!") and she has been running cancer support groups for 20 years!!

I totally recommend this to anyone with hair loss due to chemo.  It's inexpensive and comfortable.  I also have a wig, but honestly, I am afraid to wear it in public in case it slips or falls off.  I am way more comfortable with the hat and hair.

You TOTALLY need more pix on your website of people wearing the hair pieces! It will increase your sales phenomenally.


Dear Robin,

I've been having so much fun with my hats and hair!

Take care and stay in touch,
Fondly, Sharon Griggs
Greetings from Fort Myers, Florida ...

Hi Robin!

Here's a photo of me (as promised) in my cute, cute, cute cowgirl hat with the braids. I bought it from you at the National Alopecia Areata Foundation Conference in St. Louis. I love it! I wear it to the beach and for walking the dog. It is great & so fun! Thanks so much for an awesome product.

Fort Myers, Florida

Greetings from North Carolina...

Dear Robin,

As a girl raised in the South, hats are not only fashionable, but vitally functional due to our hot and humid conditions, especially in South Georgia. Hats, however, weren't comfortable for me to wear because at the age of five, I lost all my hair due to alopecia universalis.

Anyone who has ever worn a wig AND a hat knows how miserable this combination can be. This made hats something I only longed to wear.

As the years passed, I was able to get better wigs as they were developed. I hit the gold mine, when at the age of sixteen, I was fortunate and blessed to begin wearing a custom fit European vacuum hair prosthesis.

This gave me a freedom and confidence that I never thought I would be able to achieve. I no longer had to deal with the itchy discomfort and paranoia associated with wearing a wig in public…constantly on guard for the possibility of it slipping off my head. Hats, though, were still not something that I felt comfortable wearing even though it was important for me to protect my hair from sun damage (just like "regular" people!). Hats would create a phenomenon known as "hat head" in which the bangs and circumference of the head would be dented. I baby my hair and don't like to fuss with it much. "Hat head" would mean more washing and more manipulation with hair dryers and most importantly…more time! I was back at square one. Hats weren't an option.

In July of 1998 that all changed. I thought that I had seen every type of product designed for hair loss. I consider myself an expert at detecting a fellow comrade in the world of concealing hair loss. So imagine my surprise when I was fooled by Hat & Hair! I was in Washington D.C. that July working for the weekend. I had not even been outside of the hotel and really wanted to go be a tourist and see our historic monuments. But it was miserably hot!! 

The moment I saw the Sun hat,  I fell in love with it.  I purchased a long light auburn hairpiece to go along with my beautiful new hat. 

I very skeptically decided to wear this hat on my tour of the Washington Mall.

I was nervous and self-conscious as I ventured away from my hotel room where my security blanket, my vacuum piece, sat on my bed. The moment of truth was at hand! I hit the streets with nothing on my head but this Hat & Hair thing. I was paranoid of people being able to tell that I had a wig on and most importantly that it would blow off and be miserably uncomfortable.

It dawned on me very quickly that it didn't itch as I had expected. I felt air on my head but my head wasn't exposed and I felt beautiful. At the Lincoln Memorial, a fellow tourist approached me and asked me where I had purchased my beautiful hat! She didn't ask me where I had gotten my wig because she couldn't tell!! That was my litmus test… I was sold on this new product!

The next big test for me was with my family. Alopecia affects the whole family, they too are conscious of helping me look my best. My Daddy is a doctor. As a Daddy-Doctor combination, he has played an intricately supportive role in bolstering my self-image over the years. If he couldn't tell, no one would. I walked into his office wearing the white Gambler hat, long light auburn "Jennifer", white double-breasted linen jacket, black linen pants and white shoes. (In the South we dress wherever we go!) He said, "Beverly, Buddy! You look awesome! Hats really suit you!! Why haven't you ever worn hats all these years??!! You look ready for an afternoon at Sanford Stadium!" (This is the home of our beloved Georgia Bulldogs, where in the fall you can find my family on Saturday afternoons for a family tradition of football between the hedges.) I said, "Check this out!" I took my hat off and his face was in total shock. He couldn't believe what he was looking at. He was tremendously impressed. My developing feelings for Hat & Hair were confirmed.

That was three years ago. Since then I have incorporated this versatile fashion piece into my lifestyle. I use it to answer the door when I am unable to locate my hairpiece. I am no longer trapped indoors when I am washing and conditioning my hair. When traveling I wear it in order to allow my scalp to breathe and feel the wind. On hot and humid days I wear it for my outdoor activities and no longer worry about the sun and elements damaging my vacuum piece.

I am a believer. My advice to anyone reading this is to go for it. Order it. Try one, take advantage of the gift of being a woman whose birthright is to "strut her stuff". Hat & Hair is a fun alternative to use as an addition to our arsenal of expressing ourselves.

Walk in Faith,
Beverly Parkerson


Greetings from New York, New York ...

Dear Robin,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for creating Hat & Hair. I had the pleasure of personally meeting you at the National Alopecia Areata Conference in Norfolk, VA in June of 2000. You have such a wonderful and spirited personality!

When I first lost my hair due to alopecia over 6 years ago, I had always worn wigs. After coming to the conference and trying on your hats and hair, it finally gave me the freedom to not wear my wig on the weekends. I purchased the baseball cap from you and the extra long hair that you pull through as a ponytail.

I feel so confident and comfortable wearing this, not to mention what it has done to my self-esteem! My husband was with me when I purchased this and he could not believe how real it looks! I now have the freedom to go out on the weekends without my wig and feel confident that my "new hair" looks just like me! I can't wait to purchase more of your hats, especially in the winter time!

Thank you for creating such beautiful hats and hair! You have finally given me the freedom to be myself again! Good luck to you and your business! I look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Dana Patota
New York, New York

  Greetings from Houston, Texas...

Hi Robin,

Want to say how much I have enjoyed my Hat & Hair. It is easy to wear and stays on. I took my Hat & Hair to Europe and wore it everywhere.

Thanks again,  
Janet Johnson
Houston, Texas

  Greetings from Switzerland....

Dear Robin,

Please excuse me if it took a bit long to answer your message, but since I received the hats and hairpieces my social life is now quite back to normal (well, not completely, but I'm working on it).

You would like to know how I found you? Well, as a "junior" in "surviving with alopecia", I was surfing the Net looking for solutions to my little style problem.

I am just 32, and with a 2 year old boy it's not so funny to run around at the playground with an old-lady-look-alike-wig on- that scratches too, (even if I do have many wigs in different styles, and one with real hair which is supposed to be natural looking but it's not at all).

I now just simply love my hairpieces and hats and I enjoy my different styles. It is really great!!! Thank you, indeed!!!!

Paola Castelli
from Lugano in Switzerland

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Greetings from California...

Hello Robin,

I just want to tell you how grateful I am to have discovered Hat & Hair!

I am 29 years old and have been living with alopecia universalis (total body hair loss) for 15 years now during which time all I've ever worn were wigs. So after 15 years, can you imagine what it felt like for me to walk outside in public for the first time without my wig on? Just wearing Hat & Hair? What freedom! I can't believe how comfortable they are! Now don't get me wrong, I still need my three wigs, but Hat & Hair is a wonderful addition to my "wig wardrobe". Now I have options- an alternative to wearing just my wigs!

But I just have to tell you about my trip to Disneyland, "the happiest place on earth". As I was getting ready to go to Disneyland, I started putting on my wig and I thought to myself, whenever I wear my wig on hot days I feel very uncomfortable and irritated, and today I want to feel comfortable. Also I thought it would be better to wear my Hat & Hair because I would be able to get on all the fast rides at Disneyland. So, I got ready in my summer clothes and I wore my Denim Monette hat (and my long dark brown hairpiece) to match.

I could not believe how comfortable I felt wearing my Hat & Hair. The temperature was 88 degrees and the sun was blazing, but I could not feel it thanks to my Hat & Hair. As I was walking through Main Street I noticed that several people also wore hats which made me feel more comfortable.

As a tradition I always like to start with "Tomorrow Land". Now some of the rides are very fast, but I was going to be brave, so my friend and I decided to get on "Rocket Rods". While I was in line, all I could think about was my Hat & Hair and what if it falls off- what am I going to do? Well the moment of truth came as I got on the ride, and I felt my heart pounding very fast. I thought the Disneyland workers were going to tell me I had to take my hat off (they didn't even know a hairpiece was attached to it!), but all they said was, "Ms., please be careful, your hat may fall off", and I said "okay".

The ride was great. My Hat & Hair did not even move! It felt very secure. From that moment on, I got on all the rides with confidence. I was very happy and for the first time in 15 years I felt like the dream of coming to Disneyland without my wig had come true!!!!

Happy with Hat & Hair,
Gina B. Chacon

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